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We believe the Kansas Sexual Predator Treatment Program has to do some rethinking about where to put these, so called transitional housing facilities, for sexual predators.   They should not be anywhere near children!!!!!!! This is the key answer! The citizens of all cities are fed up with the choices being made without their input.  What part of  “no not here!” does the SRS and all involved not understand?   I thought one of the objectives of the SRS is the welfare of our children, isn’t it?????


Court deemed sexual predators are in a category of their own, make laws pertaining to them exceptions to the rules.


Other offenders, who still have a second chance coming, make laws for them. Which could mean one-time offenders get one chance to make right, letting them know 2 strikes and you are out.


 Here are a few contacts for info about the sexual predator treatment program.  Tell them we deserve input, about our children’s RIGHTS to be protected.


SRS call Mike Deines or Kyle  Kessler 1-785-296-0760 


Sexual Predator Treatment Program at Larned State Hospital call Leslie Huss 1-785-296-1809.


FBI 202-278-2000 Field Office

FBI 202-324-3000 Washington


KBI Jane Nore 1-785 -296-8200

        Sandy Meyer 1-785-296-8277


Go to www.parentsfomeganslaw get info about states that are not in compliance with Megans law. This is a federal law, by the way.


Call your local officials & state officials tell them you are fed up!  Get busy to create a law to keep our children safe from sexual predators. And while you are at it, get the sex offender registry program in Kansas, up to date, with many the other states, that are taking care of business. Sex offenders should not be allowed to live near any location where children gather!!!! 

Schools, churches, libraries, daycare centers, and parks to name a few. Call your

Representatives, Senators, congressmen, commissioner’s, county & city officials, everyone you can think of!  Help get it done.


Contacts- Call Charlotte 785-842-9137, Keri 785-749-0481, Kelli 785-865-8449, Missi 785-841-5384.  We are the mothers who started the petition in Lawrence, and would like for you to join our efforts also.  The more of us who speak out the more they will listen.


One question that always enters our mind is:  If the people SRS is putting in these facilities, to ease them back into society, are no threats to our kids, why do they need 24/7 surveillance??? The answer is a pedophile is never cured!!!!!!!!   The physical condition or age of a sexual predator is no assurance of the safety of our kids. They are sly like a fox and will go to any extreme to act on their perverted desires.